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Relief at a Fair Price

Hands down, the best!

I'm Happy I went

Much better care than my old chiro

He is the one you should call first.


Hands down, the best!

"Hands down, the best! It's probably the best money I have spent in a long, long time. I was in so much pain for weeks. I had back spasms, I could not walk straight and I could not even roll off of the couch or bed at times. When I went in, it took about 15 minutes of stretching and back / neck movements (you literally hear and feel your back crack back into place with each movement), and I walked out totally refreshed & renewed! Just like that, there was no more back pain. Dr. Mike was great at talking me through the process and recommending things to do to prevent future back / spine issues. I did not know such pain could be fixed so quickly!

Dr. Mike really believes in helping people and it shows through the care of his patients. If you're looking for a great chiropractor, I definitely recommend Dr. Mike. He is low key, approachable and great at what he does. A doctor you can trust? It's nearly impossible to find these days, but Dr. Mike is seriously the type of chiropractor you can trust to put your life in his hands.

With all that said, if you have any back trouble, go see him!"

Dave V. Sunnyvale, CA

..come out upright and feeling great!

"My husband has gone in to see Michael bent over in pain and come out upright and feeling great! I went in 8 months pregnant and super skeptical of the chiropractic field with hip pain and came out with none. It made sleeping more comfortable! I highly recommend Michael for whatever adjustments you need. "

Sarah L. in Redwood City, CA

I'm Happy I went..

"Found Dynamic Chiropractics after reading reviews on yelp & I'm happy I went. Michael is very personable & easy going. His office is family friendly (I brought my two little ones in with me). I'm feeling a lot better thanks to Michael & I'll definitely go back if I ever have chiropractic needs."

Leilani E. San Jose, CA

Relief After 15 Years of Pain!

"I have been getting Chiro adjustments for 15+ years. My last one, who I would drive 30 minutes each way, and had for 7 years, simply was not helping my issue any longer. My left arm, rotater cuff area was in so much pain, I slowly lost the ability to lift the arm. He would adjust, adjust & adjust it, after 4 months he recommended an MRI. I suffered another 2 months as he constantly told me my shoulder was "in". The MRI was scheduled for 2 weeks out... at this point I decided to call Dynamic Chiropractic on Santa Teresa for a consultation. I know my body, and I respond very well to chiro work and I was not getting the type of adjustment any longer that was effective.

When I first come to see Dr. Bieganski, I could barley get on the table & turn, as my lower lumbar , upper shoulders were so tight. Come to find out my left shoulder had such a HUGE muscle spasm in it, causing all the havoc! After 3 treatments to see Michael, I could lift my arm. I didnt realize that I had a muscle spasm. Mikes adjustments are very effective, as he uses his hands, the other chiro I saw used only the aviator & never touched the patient. Mike gave some very badly needed muscle work & massage and figured me out fully to help me heal. I have been seeing him for months and recommend him fully. His extra care & attention really gets to the root of the problem. Thanks Dr. Mike!"

Nicole D. in San Jose, CA

Relief at a Fair Price
"I found Dr. Bieganski on a Google search and I am so glad I did. He was willing to work with me at a very fair price (discounted because of my Kaiser coverage). At my first visit I could hardly walk. My lower back has caused me problems for more than 20 yrs. I can honestly say that after 3 visits I felt better than I have in years. He was able to identify the real problem (my hips!) and treat the muscles accordingly. He gave me very helpful stretches to do on my own and I have been pain free for over 3 months now. I have been blown away by his ability to immediately key in on the problem and fix it. I am now starting to slow down my treatments and take on more of a maintenance approach. I even have played golf with no pain during or after the round. What a relief!!"

Ryan N. San Jose, CA

Relief right away

"I was referred to Dynamic Chiropractic after an injury to my lower back and hip area. I had extreme pain while walking and sitting. Dr. Bieganski was able to see me right away and used spinal adjustments, stretching, and electrical muscle stimulation to provide much needed pain relief. Since then, I have begun a comprehensive treatment plan to improve my overall health and reduce the risk of future injuries. I am a cancer survivor and have also suffered from PTSD.. As a result, unhealthy levels of stress are an underlying cause of many physical ailments. Over the last 2 months with regular therapy from Dr. Bieganski I have seen a dramatic reduction in pain, headaches, and anxiety. My duration and quality of sleep have greatly improved resulting in increased energy levels. I consider these self-care treatments and an investment in my overall health and well being. If you have acute pain from an injury, chronic pain, headaches, stress, or simply want to improve your overall health and well being... I highly recommend Dynamic Chiropractic. Dr. Bieganski is personal, compassionate, caring, and extremely flexible with scheduling. I am thankful for his wisdom and appreciate his commitment to my overall health!"

Bev Q. Gilroy, CA

Much better care than my old chiro

"I've been a patient of Dr. Bieganski's now for a few weeks and am very happy with the care I am getting from him.

I had been going to another Chiropractor for about a year and loved it and never wanted to stop. When my husband's insurance offered Chiropractic care, we decided to take advantage of it. I only had to pay a $10 co-pay this time as opposed to the $170/month I was paying at my old Chiro. I was referred to Dr. Bieganski by my insurance and happy that he is also so close to home.

The great thing about Dr. Bieganski is that I am getting much better care in my opinion from him then I was from my old Chiro. Dr. B always spends at least 20 minutes with me not only just adjusting me but massaging my back area that is tense and giving trouble and putting electrical stimulators in my trouble spots. I never had this kind of care from my old doctor! I understand that all doctors have different styles but I definitely like this one better plus I feel like I have more one-on-one time then ever and this doctor actually tells me what he is doing and why. I am going once a week right now for scoliosis and tension in right shoulder and grateful to Dr. Bieganski for being able to take care of my vital body parts with such great care. I highly recommend him and I believe he takes most insurances, so give him a call!"

Monica L. Santa Clara, CA

I was more than skeptical

"I was more than skeptical that a chiropractor could help me with my multiple needs. However, after consulting with Dr. Bieganski regarding my neck, lower back, hip, and sciatica pain I feel differently. He assured me that he could help and mapped out a plan for treatment.

Within a couple of visits I began to feel better. He uses spinal manipulation, electrical stimulators, and massage in treating me. I particularly appreciate that he explains exactly what he is doing and why.

He also advised me of the correlation between food allergies and my condition. In making the changes he suggested, I am feeling better everyday.

I recommended him to my son because he was in a car accident and suffered from a sore back. He was surprised and pleased at how much relief he has had with his treatment.

Dr. Bieganski is professional, thorough, personable, and never rushes you through a visit. He is timely with appointments and flexible in accommodating all schedules. Most importantly, you really get a sense of how much he cares for his patients.

I cannot thank him enough for helping me through a very tough time. If you're thinking about seeing a chiropractor, he is the one you should call first."

Shelly B. San Jose, CA


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